When it comes to preaching, we believe in taking our time. We unapologetically stand on the word-by-word and chapter-by-chapter teaching of the Bible. It is our desire to be loud where God is loud and silent where God is silent. Our congregation knows that we always pick up in the exact spot that we left off the previous week. We believe that this type of Bible teaching not only encourages growth but gives us a deeper understanding of the whole scope of Scripture.


Global Vision operates under one simple principle: You can’t out give God. When we say “extravagant” we truly mean it. We believe in living totally open-handed throughout our entire community. We support major mission outreaches around the world and we generously serve our entire community as often as we can.


Where Broken People Find New Meaning to Life is much more than a slogan at Global Vision. We endeavor to reach out to those who are hurting, marginalized, broken and in need of restoration. We have found that when we go after the people that nobody wants, the Lord sends us the people that everybody wants. Our entire congregation is known for being accepting, loving, gracious and forgiving.